Now that Spring is here we all benefit from the warmer days including most of our plants who will start thriving after their winter dormancy.

Take your indoor plants outside and have a good look at them, remove any unsightly leaves, wipe over the leaves with a cloth that has been soaked in warm soapy water or use an eco oil on soft cloth to remove any build up of dust that may have occured, also check for any pests and diseases that may need treating and give the plant a good drink and fertilise.

It’s time to start increasing your watering, however, still use your finger to test if the plant needs a drink or not.  Do some research and know your plants needs, do they like to be on the dry side? if so, only water when the top 2cm of potting mix is dry to touch.  If they like to be kept moist then water when the top 1cm of potting mix is dry to touch.

The beginning of spring is also a good time to give your plant a boost with an organic fertliser, any is good from a slow release or with a solution mixed with water.  Whilst Seasol is great it is a tonic and can be used with a fertiliser and on a more regular basis.

It’s also a good time to repot any plants that may need either fresh potting mix or potting up to a larger size pot.


There are exceptions to every rule, if you’re not sure please message and I’ll give you some horticultural advice.